Most customers are interested in improving or enhancing their Japanese Gardens and often ask for recommendations.  One of the easiest ways to gather new ideas for your garden is to actual visit local Japanese Gardens or visit Japanese Gardens when traveling.  We also recommend that you work with experienced reputable businesses who offer services and products appropriate for Japanese styled gardens

Kimurscape Techniques  has worked closely  with the following businesses and  highly recommends  them for Japanese Style landscape design, construction and  improvements.

Japanese Design and Landscape Services
Facciuto Landscaping –
Offering unique Japanese style landscape design and construction.

Koi Pond Design and Maintenance
Diablo Koi -  510-376-0972 –
Specializing in

  • Retro existing  Koi ponds with new filters, bottom drains, skimmers and UV
  • Koi pond service and maintenance programs

There are several Japanese Gardens in the Bay Area that are wonderful to visit and can be a great source for gathering ideas for your own garden.  Below are links to several of the Bay Area Japanese Garden websites, as well as other Japanese Gardens.

Bay Area Japanese Gardens

Hayward Japanese Garden – Designed by Kimio Kimura Hakone Estate and Gardens – Saratoga Lake Merritt Bonsai Garden – Oakland
Hayward Japanese Gardens Hakone Gardens, Saratoga Lake Merritt, Oakland - Bonsai Garden
San Francisco Tea Garden – Golden Gate Park San Mateo Japanese Tea Garden – Central Park
San Mateo Gardens

Other Notable Japanese Gardens

Japanese Hill and Pond Garden – Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Portland Japanese Gardens Friendship Garden - San Diego
Japanese Hill and Pond Garden - Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Portland Japanese Gardens Friendship Garden, San Diego
Japanese Garden Resources

Faccuito Landscaping
Japanese Design and Landscaping

Clarks Home & Garden
Natural stone, statuary, decorative rocks, soil and mulches

Clark's Home and Garden

Hida Tools & Hardware
Exceptional tools from Japan

Hida Tools and Hardware Co.