Kimurscape Techniques has been serving the greater Bay Area, Tri-Valley, San Mateo County and Marin County for over 8 years.  We specialize in maintaining and restoring Japanese gardens to their intended design.  The types of plants and trees we stylize most often are maples, elms, podocarpus, weeping cherry contorted filbert, redwoods, ginkgo, cedar, oak, yew, boxwood, azalea, camellia, rhododendron, holly, hydrangea and all conifers.

We work on residential gardens of all sizes, from small space or patio courtyard gardens to large estate Japanese Gardens.

Customer Service
It is very important that I understand what a customer’s overall goal is for their garden.  Therefore during my first visit I will:

  • Have the customer explain what they would like to accomplish initially
  • Determine how best to reach the goals set for the garden
  • Evaluate the immediate needs of the existing garden
  • Explain how Kimurascape techniques  can be best applied to their garden
  • Discuss and explain a restoration plan for the garden
  • Recommend other types of gardening services  if needed
  • Discuss service fees
  • Discuss maintenance programs and fees

When you make the decision to have me work on your garden you can be assured that I will show up when promised and that the quality of work will exceed your expectations.

While I encourage my customers to make decisions about their garden, there is a degree of trust that you have to place with me based on my training and experience.  Sometimes to style or regain styling of a plant it may be necessary to do a large amount of pruning that may seem severe at first.  One of the benefits of Kimurscape techniques is that it stimulates plant growth and it is not unusual for customers to be astonished on how quickly the plant grows back looking healthier and styled correctly. 
My goal always is to enhance the beauty of your Japanese Garden and bring the plants into harmony with each other and their surrounding environment.

Most services are based on an hourly rate and a time estimate will be given before starting. One time projects and maintenance agreements are individually quoted. A trip charge will be applied to locations over 25 miles.

Service Billing and Payment – We Accept Cash and Checks

  • Short term projects 1 to 2 days due and payable the last day of the project
  • Long term projects are due and payable twice a month
  • Scheduled Maintenance is billed after each Schedule Maintenance appointment;  due & payable within one week

Business License # 119030